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Your website’s important & it needs to work. We take our time to get it right…


Initial Consultation (free)

We need to understand your business & what you’re looking to achieve. We can then research the opportunity & your competition, and ensure the site is built to deliver.
This also helps in ensuring we present your business in accurately terms of content & appearance, and that it fits in with your wider marketing strategy. 


Tailored Options

We’ll then talk you through your options, which are always a mix of what’s important for your site & your budget. We will work with you on both, to ensure you have the best available site for your budget,
If we’re working on improving an existing site, we’ll go through what needs to happen & the next steps. 

Design Ideas

Design ideas & features for your site are discussed next. This helps to ensure we’re all on the same page before we start building. If you have images – great. If not, we can supply images, photographer, drone footage etc.


Review & Set Live

We’ll then sit down and go over your website, which should hopefully blow you away! At this stage, the site should be 90% ok – as there’s always a few tweaks to be made. You can rest assured that all the technical stuff will have been done, but we can cover that if you’re really into the detail.


We’ll have goals & analytics set up on your website, so we can see exactly how your site’s performing.

We may love it, but ultimately it’s what your potential clients think that will determine its success. We can then use the reports to decide how we keep developing your site.

Ongoing Reviews / Handover

We then go back to the beginning, and keep reviewing your business goals…which will steer how we manage the website & the rest of your online strategy.

Of course, if you only wanted a website, without the additional support, we can hand over the keys.

First website, changing your site or improving your site?

If you’d like to talk about websites, talk to us.

Creative website design in Glasgow

Your website needs to be tremendous. Okay is not okay.

This will be the first impression for most people, so it needs to look great. It doesn’t matter how people have heard about you…this is where most potential customers go before contacting you. Even if you’re active on social media, people will still visit your website for more information.

In short, your site needs to reflect your business accurately, contain the right information and be good enough to turn a click into a lead.
In addition to this, some people believe that a website with poor design, is worse than having no website at all as it could actually turn people off.

We’ll obviously set up all the analytics so we can measure how well this is working, which will help guide future amendments.

If you have a business in Glasgow, or further afield, we’d love to hear from you. 

Built with search engines in mind.

Designed for your website to be found.

We also need to think about what Google’s looking for ina website.
A good looking site that never gets found, is not much use to your business.

Firstly, they need to work on all devices. Google prioritises mobile-friendly websites, and your site should work seamlessly on all mobile phones. No more pinch & drag to see a phone number, or navigate to a new page!

Secondly, they need to be secure, which is also a ranking factor for Google. Unless the site is secure, your site is more at risk to hackers and info sent through your contact forms hasn’t been encrypted.

Lastly, Google is looking at a lot of information in the background, which most people never notice. This means that what goes into the back of your site is just as important as what everyone looks at.

In conclusion, when we’re designing websites in Glasgow & across Scotland, you can be sure that we tick all these boxes.

A new site isn’t always necessary

Website improvement & development

Most companies will want to sell you a new website for obvious reasons.

However, we frequently work on improving existing websites for businesses in and around Glasgow.

We can help with how your site looks, the content, images and even create new pages. The technical stuff can also be taken care of.

If you’d prefer to do this yourself, we’re happy to audit your site and create a document that explains what needs to be done and you can work through this at your leisure.

If you’re not happy with your site, give us a call and we can discuss how is best to proceed.

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