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Social media marketing & management

Big fact: 45m people (that’s 67% of the population) in the UK use social media, and average a whopping 1h 50 mins in their accounts every day.
As your customers are using social media, your business should be too.

We can help businesses in Glasgow get started on social media & manage the accounts on daily basis. We can then incorporate a social media marketing strategy to help you increase traffic, awareness, leads & even re-target potential customers who have visited your website.

Whether you’ve never got started with social media, just dipped your toe in the water or already realise the importance of this medium…we can help.

Our approach to helping Glasgow businesses with Social Media.


Initial Consultation (free)

We need to understand your business, what you’re looking to achieve & where you are with social media.
We’ll also have a good look at your website & competition.

Social Strategy

Now that we know what you’re looking to achieve, we’ll come up with a social strategy. 
This includes which platforms are going to be most relevant for your business, and a plan for where & how we’ll create shareable content.


Profile Creation / Alteration

The next step is to create social profiles on all the relevant platforms for your business. They need to have the correct branding, content & follow social media best practice.
If you’ve already created some profiles,
we’ll tidy them up where necessary.

Daily Management

Now that the profiles are all looking good, we can start creating interesting content for current & potential customers to engage with.
We will also start creating links & engaging with other businesses, groups & influencers to help reach a wider audience. 

Targeted Promotion

In tandem with the daily routine, we’ll be managing your budget to ensure key messages, content & promotions are seen by the right customers in the right areas.
We’ll also be using a portion of your marketing budget to re-target potential clients (in the right areas) who have visited the most important pages on your website.

Analytics & Reviews

We then keep reviewing your business goals & the performance of the social media campaign. We’ll ensure the campaigns evolve with your business priorities, and work seamlessly with the rest of your programme.

Social media will work best as part of a wider strategy.

Social media & SEO, working together…

There are several ways that a good social media strategy can help complement SEO for businesses across Glasgow & Scotland.

For starters, if you are posting high quality content, people will link back to your website from the various platforms. The links on their own don’t help seo, but the bounce rate and engagement will have a positive impact.

If we’ve done the job right with the content on your website, people will be able to share your website on the various social platforms. Once again, the link on social media doesn’t help your seo ranking, but the engagement that comes from people clicking on your site will have a positive effect.

Hopefully, as awareness of your brand increases through social media marketing, there should be more searches for you by name on Google. Over time, the more branded searches for your brand on google, the higher the likelihood of your business ranking for non-branded searches.

This is an ongoing process and, as with all our services, we’ll meet regularly to go over simple reports to ensure you know exactly how well the social media marketing is working.

Already paying for facebook ads or in Glasgow?

What’s the Facebook strategy? How well is it working? What’s the impact on business?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, or you’re unhappy with the answers, give us a ring.

There are good companies providing social media marketing for businesses in Glasgow, but a lot of suppliers have become very complacent.

For example, adverts do not change often enough, are not tied in with the website, analytics are not used to measure performance & stimulate change. We could go on.

If you want a second opinion, we will happily assess what’s happening. We’ll either advise to continue, or pursue an alternative strategy which could deliver better results. We’re also happy to work with your supplier to ensure the social campaign is joined up with everything we’re doing for you.

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