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We do the digital marketing

You run the business

Outsourced online marketing

This is when we effectively become part of your business, and manage everything to do with your internet presence & online marketing.

We’ll work with you, to ensure that everything is joined up to support your business goals.

It makes sense for one team to ensure that your website, listings, Google Ads, seo, social media etc are all complementing each other & working to a common goal

(We usually find that different companies have different priorities around the products they are supplying, and have little interest in the big picture…which can waste money & cause problems).

When we say we’ll manage everything online for you, we mean everything

Initial Consultation (free)

In our first meeting, we’ll have a chat around your business goals & frustrations. We’ll also bring an overview of your online strengths & weaknesses. On the back of this conversation, we create a plan for how we could potentially move forwards. This will be tailored specifically to your business & goals.


Firstly, we assess your site and decide whether we can work with your current site or if you need a new one.  We’ll look at traffic & other analytics to form the basis of  this decision, along with your relationship with your current provider (and their ability to implement our recommendations).


Consistency of Information

 Google loves consistency, and wants every online reference to your business to have the same key information.  This consistency can help with your local listings, and also with your organic ranking.

Increase Traffic

Once we’re both happy that your site can turn clicks into leads, we’ll look at growing your traffic. For a quick lift, we’ll usually start with Google Ads (aka PPC). We’ll look at the opportunity, potential ROI and create a campaign to generate leads for specific services in key towns or postcode areas. 

Social Media Marketing

At the same time we need to be active on social media. We can manage regular posts on all platforms to help engage with your existing clients & attract new followers.
Highly targeted paid ads can also work really well with Google Ads, in helping reach the right people in the right areas (and also to retarget people who have visited your site).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is a longer term strategy to help your business appear more prominently in search engines, particularly for your most important services.

We only use approved techniques for SEO in Glasgow and other key Scottish cities & regions.

We’re running the online marketing

How do you measure success?

For starters, we’d like to see you on a regular basis – monthly, at least. However, some clients like to catch up weekly, others quarterly. Whatever works for you, works for us.

We always re-visit what we agreed in our first meeting i.e. what were your goals & problems. Everything we report on comes back to these key points.

We can report on conversions, cost per acquisition, calls, traffic, ranking, likes, shares, impressions. Basically, if it moves, we’ll look at it. However, we’ll keep the reports simple, consistent and make sure it all boils down to leads & return on investment. If anything isn’t working, we’ll tell you long before you ask about it.

We also like to revisit the goals. Business changes, goals may change and your competition will always be doing things differently (especially in Glasgow & Edinburgh). We may also come up with new business opportunities or ideas to explore with you.

That’s why regular conversations to recalibrate what we’re working towards are essential in keeping you ahead of the game.

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